Why Adults Are Buying More Craft Kits

It's been a big decade in the craft and DIY space, with the trend towards simple living and ‘making do’ continuing to grow.

 “The quest to simplify our lives and make more of our own food and cosmetics from scratch really took off after the GFC,” Edwina Cameron, founder of One Craft Fox, explains. 

“People were actively seeking ways to bring more down to earth habits back into their lives – making their own bread and yoghurts, brewing their own beer and actively seeking ways to reign in their own consumerism.   

“Now, 10 years later, there’s still a real push to ‘DIY’, but I think the market has changed somewhat.  

What's big in craft now

“Our biggest sellers are our bacon-making and homebrew kits, but our craft kits continue to rise in popularity. 

For kids, fairy garden kits are huge right now. 

Increased digital addiction is also a factor, with a recent study* showing that the average adult spends an entire 24-hour day online each week. 

“One of the other trends we’re noticing is some of our sellers capitalising on the adult craft trend that really kicked off with colouring books,” Edwina explained.

Unconnecting from digital addiction

“People are actively looking for ways to pull back from their screen time so embroidery, knitting and cross stitch kits are proving really popular too.” 

"We're also seeing some simple kids kits, like the paint your own matryoshka kit and the paint you own dolls kit, being bought by adults for themselves. 

"There certainly seems to be a sense that, in an increasingly busy world, taking a bit of time out to get back to basics and work with your hands is more important than ever."