Making lipbalms with Miss Seven

Lip balm always seems to be in short supply in our household, so the idea of making our own held a lot of appeal... Plus it sounded fun.

So, we decided to road test the Flirtsy kit we sell. When ordering, you can specify which colours and scents you'd like to include in your kit. Given Lulu's age (seven), we picked the most neutral shades on offer. She was still pretty excited at the various sparkly pinks included when we opened up the kit.

Opening the DIY kit full of lip balm ingredients, sachets of sparkly colours and little tiny vials of scent was a pretty happy moment for Lulu.

Even if the instructions were a little daunting for her...

I took over and followed the directions, dropping most of the base ingredients into a double boiler to melt them down. They were clearly labelled and melted down quickly.

Things moved pretty quickly after that. Suddenly everything was melted and we needed to add our scent and colour, except we'd made one big batch of base (you can store it altogether and melt and reuse as you need), so we siphoned a little off into a mug and Lulu added the scent she'd chosen (strawberry) and a bit of pink mica powder for colour. The quantities were clearly marked out in the kit.

From there, we poured our little cup of mix into one of the tubes provided in the kit. A little jug would be handy here if you have one - I'll use one next time. It was kind of hard to get it in from the mug and we spilled a bit.

We then noticed a little bottle sitting on the counter... Yup, we'd forgotten one of the ingredients of the base. I added most of the bottle to the remaining base sitting in our double boiler. 

 The lipbalm mix set quickly and Lulu was able to test her creation. SUCCESS! It smelled nice and there was a definite hint of colour but nothing too overwhelming. Ours was slightly on the hard side (but still totally wearable). I'm pretty sure that's because we forgot to add the oil.

Lulu went and found a label (not included in kit) and named her tube the 'Strawberry Straw'. 

Meanwhile, I've got enough base left (I stored it in a little container - you just melt it down again when you need more) for another 9 lipbalms, 9 more tubes and plenty of spare scent and mica colour powder. 

Verdict: We loved this project. Lulu was really happy with her creation and I'm looking forward to getting in there next and making myself a batch next.